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Amazon Cuomo Is Mad as hell

Photo: Hans Pennink (AP)

Andrew "Amazon" Cuomo appears to have embraced the anger phase of his grieving the loss of Amazon's would-be HQ2 headquarters in Queens.

Speaking with WAMC's Alan Chartock on The Roundtable on Friday, the New York governor called the incident "The Greatest Tragedy I've Seen in Government," a comment that did not exactly resonate with New Yorkers given Cuomo's been in government for decades. (The Democrat and Chronicle reported Friday that Cuomo's "office later clarified he was referring to government failure, not human tragedies.")

Cuomo-who once claimed he would change his name to Amazon to secure the deal-spent much of his nearly 30 minutes on the show discussing the ways in which the deal would have, in his opinion, been a resounding success. So he defended the roughly $ 3 billion in incentives that Amazon would have received in the deal, adding that New York's bid was "much, much less than other states." He called those New York forking over "ignorant," insisting that "They were giving us $ 27 billion."

"We have got superficial. We've got anecdotal, "he said. "Nobody understands what it takes to make a real change in a governmental process, how you really run an economy.

His comments on WAMC were among the first on the deal since Amazon pulled the plug on Valentine's Day, at which time Cuomo

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, who is in the wake of Amazon's decision against a Queens headquarters flipped on the company. The mayor slammed the company's move as "the 1 percent dictating to everyone else even though we gave them a fair deal," to the eyebrow-raising response that, as the New York Times notes, comes as a blasio may be a run for president

Several politicians celebrated Amazon's departure, among them vocal critic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In addition, State Sen. Michael Gianaris-who represents the district in which HQ2 what to build and who was nominated to the Public Authorities Control Board that would've had to approve the HQ2 deal-notably referred to the company as " Scamazon . "

" Today's behavior by Amazon shows why they've been a bad partner for New York in any event, "Gianaris said in a statement after Amazon announced it was pulling out. "Rather than seriously engage with the community they are proposed to profoundly change. It is time for a national dialogue about the types of corporate subsidies. "

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