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Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Review: The best big tablet for kids

  Amazon Fire HD 10 Edition for Kids

Amazon Fire HD 10 Edition for Kids: Big Screen on a Budget

"This tablet survives the worst of a small child and conjures up a smile on her lips."

  • Decent 1
    0.1-inch screen
  • Age-appropriate content
  • Carefree 2-year warranty on damage
  • Granular, intelligent parental control
  • Long battery life
  • Trapped in the Amazon ecosystem [19659009] 19659005] Some content requires the internet.
  • Fire OS may be corrupted.

With a 10.1-inch screen, a package of curated content for kids, and secure parental controls, the reworked Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition for $ 200 is an attractive product prospect for anyone looking for a large-sized tablet for a kid want to buy.

Amazon has made some important and very welcome improvements to the biggest tablet in its kid-friendly family: faster performance, longer battery life, USB-C charging, and a new child-resistant case with a handy stand. The $ 130 Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is my current selection of the best tablets for kids, while the $ 330 Apple's most affordable iPad is ideal for teens. Which category fits the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition?

I have tested the new Amazon version slate with the help of my seven year old daughter who is a big fan of the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition.

A kiddie-proofed Fire HD 10

In the chunky foam case that comes with the Amazon Fire HD In the 10 Kids Edition you'll find a black Amazon Fire HD 10. The regular version costs $ 150 and is as simple as tablets. The back of matte plastic is arched into the glass front. The only detail mentioned on the back is the one-lens camera next to the Amazon logo. All buttons and ports are at the top when you hold them in portrait orientation. From right to left there is an on / off switch, a USB-C port for charging, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and volume control.

  Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition
Simon Hill / Digital Trends

Large frames frame the 10.1-inch screen that houses a front-facing camera – both the front and rear cameras are rated with a meager 2 megapixels. The screen has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels, which corresponds to a pixel density of 224 pixels per inch, compared with 189 ppi for the Fire HD 8. This is not only the largest screen of Amazon, but also the sharpest, although he still falls short of Apple's entry-level iPad, which offers a 10.2-inch screen at 264 pixels per inch. The Fire HD 10 screen is bright enough for most situations, but struggles with direct sunlight and does not get as bright as the iPad. The overall build quality feels good compared to the iPad, but it's a relatively inexpensive device that sells for more than $ 100 less.

Amazon has updated the chunky case supplied with the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition. There used to be an old-fashioned choice between blue and pink, now you can choose between purple. On the back there is a handy new stand, with which the tablet can ideally be supported in landscape format for watching movies. It is a case with large bumpers and sufficient coverage in all directions to protect the tablet from damage. There are also openings that redirect sound from the lower speakers to the front. The child-resistant case is well designed and makes it very easy for small hands to handle this large tablet and keep it safe.

A World of Age-appropriate Content

Beyond Amazon's Reasoning for $ 50 The price increase for the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is the year of FreeTime Unlimited (Fire for Kids Unlimited in the UK) Subscription service, which typically costs $ 3 per month for Prime members and $ 5 per month for non-members. It's a thoughtful package of content, including TV shows, movies, books, apps, games, and music. When you set up the tablet and create a profile for your child, you also choose an age range that determines what content is provided. Amazon updates this very well and updates the recommendations based on what your kids are interested in.

  Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition
Simon Hill / Digital Trends

FreeTime Unlimited works so well because it makes it fun for kids to choose a certain freedom without exposing them to anything that's unfit for their age. With a regular tablet, they are likely to be exposed to many advertisements and will still need to get their parents' permission to download and install things. While you'll find content from Disney, Sesame Street, and National Geographic, as well as some educational apps and games, not all is of high quality. If you like micro-management for your kids, Amazon's suggestions may not suit you. There are also certain games and apps that require an internet connection. However, you have the option to download videos, which is great for trips. You can also add content purchased from Amazon through your family library.

Amazon has made some important and very welcome improvements to the largest tablet in its child-friendly family, ages three to 12 years. But while my seven-year-old daughter likes to use the Fire Tablet every day, my ten-year-old son has lost interest. Keep in mind that you can extend the life of the case by removing the case and creating a normal profile that essentially turns into a standard Fire HD 10. Adults can use it the same way when the children are in bed if they wish.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is tied to the Amazon ecosystem so you can only access content available through Amazon. That's a lot of content, but there are some apps and games in the Google Play Store that just are not available in the smaller App Store from Amazon.

The simplified user interface of Fire OS is easy to use, by Amazon Sometimes flaky and it does not compare well with the smooth reliability of Apple's iPadOS. There were some issues restoring a backup, and the Amazon app suite is basic compared to Google's.

Solid Parental Control

A key strength of the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is its parental controls, which allow you to set or deepen broad age ranges and tailor what your kids can and can not do. The age filter can be set to an age range so you can decide what's right for your kids. My seven-year-old, for example, has access to content for five to nine years.

Downtime is easy to plan, so the tablet can not be used at night and you can set time limits. If you want to differentiate by activity, you can set ad time limits for different content types. You may not want them to play apps or games for more than an hour a day, but they'll let you read longer. It's a cherished piece of tweaking. You can even set goals, such as Take half an hour of reading a day, for example, and set educational goals to be met before they can access entertainment such as videos and games. Here parents who want this have a lot of control.

You can also choose whether to use the camera and whether or not to back up your photos and videos online. Amazon has also improved the web browser control. When you enable the web browser, Amazon can only access age-appropriate sites and videos. You can add specific websites and videos as needed, and view your child's browsing history. In fact, all of the content your children access can be reviewed by parents in the parent dashboard, either on the tablet or by signing in to any device on the Amazon website and picking Apple up with Family Link and Screen Time.

Better Performance and Performance

Amazon has made some small but important improvements to the silicon running Amazon Fire HD 10. The new processor is 30% faster than the old one and has 2 GB of RAM. When my daughter switched from Fire HD 8, she noticed that things were faster to load and overall navigation was noticeably faster. This makes a big difference, especially when the tablet is full and begins to age. I had to reset our Fire HD 8 tablets several times to factory defaults due to instability or performance issues.

  Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition
Simon Hill / Digital Trends

The tablet offers up to 12 hours of battery life, that's a lot. In comparison, the Fire HD 8 and the iPad offer around 10 hours. I am also pleased that Amazon has switched to USB-C, allowing faster recharging. With the included charger, it takes four hours for the juice to rise from zero to 100%. However, if you have a faster USB-C charger, you can take an hour off. Since the USB-C cable is always the right way around, it is also much easier for children to connect it carefree. We've had problems with broken Micro USB ports in the past.

In terms of storage capacity, an integrated 32 GB or 64 GB card is offered.

Price, Availability and Availability Warranty Information

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition costs $ 200 directly from Amazon . It comes with a special two-year, worry-free warranty. Even if your child drops it and breaks it repeatedly, Amazon will replace or repair the tablet if you return the defective device. The only thing you are not covered for is theft or loss.

Our Assumption

At $ 200, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is a compelling package that meets all the criteria for a kid's tablet. There's a big screen, a great case, a long battery life, and a wealth of age-appropriate content that's easy to manage through parental controls.

Is there a better alternative?

This is the best performer on Amazon. As far as computing power is concerned, it does not match the silky-smooth performance you get on the iPad. There's no doubt that a $ 330 iPad loaded with Apple Arcade for $ 5 a month will provide more content and a better experience. But to do that, you'll have to pay at least twice the cost of the Amazon tablet, and it would cost you a lot more to charge it with a comparable library of age-appropriate movies, TV shows, and books.

You could save $ 70 and opt for the similar Fire HD 8 or save $ 50 with the regular Amazon Fire HD 10 for $ 150, but you'd do without USB-C, a larger one , sharper screen, and you would have to accept a slower performance and less endurance. The Fire HD 8 is still a great kid's tablet, and I think it offers better value for money. You can buy the Amazon Fire 7 in a Kids Edition for $ 100, but there are many trade-offs. So it's worth spending the extra $ 30 on the HD 8. Amazon often pays off its own devices for events like Black Friday If you're not a Prime member, it may be better to load parental controls onto a regular Android tablet.

How long will it take?

Children It can be difficult, but this worry-free Amazon warranty means you should spend at least two years with your Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition. When they get bigger, you can reuse them at any time by removing the case and creating a new profile to convert it to a regular Fire HD 10.

Should you buy them?

Yes. If you want a bigger tablet for a kid, there's nothing better for that price.

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