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Amazon is now selling milk – one more reason to never leave home

Do you have milk? If you do not, Amazon can fix it now. Amazon offers fresh dairy products as part of its own food delivery service and offers lactose-free offers under the Happy Belly label.

Four different lactose-free milks are now available, representing Amazon's first offering in the US The space is not near its wholly-owned subsidiary.

Other dairy products were added, including Happy Belly Half & Half, Heavy Whipped Cream and Whipped Cream, demonstrating Amazon's commitment to the widest possible range of perishable products in its store – including catering to a niche such as lactose intolerant customers.

Amazon for everything

It's another step in Amazon's plan to be your one stop shop for everything, regardless of your needs.

The grocery store is helping him further increase the value of his Amazon Prime service and double the benefits to loyal customers. In addition to third-party products, the United States sells Amazon's exclusive private labels, from food and beverages to animal care, animal feed, household utensils and beauty products.

All of this allows Amazon to extract a cash payment product in a currency that is just as valuable as your dollar ̵

1; your data. As Amazon closes the gaps in its merchandise, its customers become increasingly dependent on its services, gaining more data and gaining new ways to empty our pockets.

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