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Amazon Kids is the new FreeTime that includes new features

Amazon has always designed versions of its Android-based Fire tablets that are designed for younger users and have a service that allows parents to take control of those devices. Amazon’s branding, which revolved around the name “FreeTime”, was not always on point and could easily be confused with another function. As of today, Amazon FreeTime is called Amazon Kids and offers a few more features that make rebranding worthwhile.

Amazon Kids, formerly Amazon FreeTime, is a two-pronged feature that allows parents to take control of their children’s Amazon Fire tablet and provide young users with a friendly interface and easy access to age-appropriate content. Now renamed to make it clearer who it is for, Amazon Kids adds a few features that give kids a little more freedom as they age.

For example, a new home screen experience that will be rolled out in the coming weeks will make them all feel adult. Instead of a simple start screen, this new experience for children aged eight and over more closely mimics the appearance of a normal adult tablet. Of course, it̵

7;s still restricted in the same way in terms of access and content, so it’s mostly just a visual change.

Kids will also soon have the ability to make announcements on their Fire tablets when the family has one or more Alexa devices in the house. The feature will also appear in the next few weeks and hopefully won’t be a cause for other family members.

Despite the name change, Amazon Kids remains free for parents. However, those who want to access more content have to subscribe to Amazon Kids +, formerly FreeTime Unlimited, which is still $ 5 per month or $ 3 for Amazon Prime members only.

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