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Amazon launches a full season of ‘Starfinder’ RPG episodes on Alexa

Apparently there is a lot of content in the episodes. The 13 performers spend 125 hours in the studio recording 745 pages of material. All you have to do to play is tell Alexa that you want to “play the Starfinder game”, oh, and bangs on. The pilot and the first episode are both free, but after that you have to pay either $ 2 per episode or $ 10 for the ticket. Speaking of which, you can currently only play the first half of the season, with the last three episodes falling in October.

This is not the first time Alexa has been used as an interactive audio tool, although the star names may make it the highest profile. As early as 201

7, the BBC designed an interactive story for the platform, on which your dialogue was incorporated into the text of the play.

Amazon says you don’t have to be familiar Starfinder existing lore to enjoy the title intended for newbies. But if you are passively aware Dungeons and dragonsThen it is likely that in Pathfinder you will at least find something worth experimenting with.

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