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Amazon presents home security drone

AmazonThe home security drone won’t stop unfortunate thieves in Australia.

Ring’s “next, compact, lightweight, autonomously flying surveillance camera for indoor use” was presented overnight on Amazon.

The Always Home Cam is triggered when the burglar opens the glass door (a presumably unlocked one) and zooms in on him.

Amazon’s home security drone won’t come to Australia for the time being. (Amazon)

He’s scared and the Always Home Cam lands neatly in its charging station.

We did not receive any indication of the price or volume of the indoor drone in the ad.

It’s set to roll out in the US next year, but at today’s briefing from Amazon Australia, the company was asked when we could expect the new Ring drone to fly through Australian homes.

The answer: “They’re only starting in America at the moment.”

The same applies to the new video game streaming service Luna and Luna Plus from Amazon.

Developed to rival Google Stadia, Luna can be played on your TV through Amazon’s Fire TV product on your smartphone, Mac and PC.

Luna can be played on your TV, smartphone, Mac or PC. (Amazon)

It is currently available in the US through Early Access and will have more than 100 games, including, at launch Assassin’s Creed Valhallaaccording to Amazon.

Ubisoft will get and bring its own channel Far Cry 6 and Immortals: Fenyx Rising also at the start.

You can play Amazon Luna with a PlayStation or Xbox controller, but a Luna gamepad will set you back $ 49.99.

The new games service from Amazon is called Luna and Luna Plus. (Amazon)

Luna Plus works more like Xbox’s Game Pass. Pay $ 5.99 per month to access over 100 games in 4K and 60 frames per second.

Include games on the service Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and GRATINGBut here, too, Luna is not coming to Australia so quickly.

9news.com.au has a hands-on look at all of the new Amazon toys coming to Australia in the coming weeks.

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