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Amazon Prime Day 2020 – the best deals including LOL Surprise, Jack Daniels and Yankee Candle

It’s the second day of Amazon’s massive Prime Day sale, and there are thousands of offers customers can buy.

The event, which takes place every year, has cut offers for 48 hours and ends at midnight tonight (Wednesday October 14th).

We've rounded up the best bargains from today's Prime Day sale


We’ve rounded up the best bargains from today’s Prime Day sale

To get a bargain on sales you need to be an Amazon Prime member, which costs £ 79 a year or £ 7.99 a month upfront, though there is a discounted price for students.

As a member of the subscription service, not only do you get free next day delivery, but you also have access to Prime TV shows, eBooks and even live music events.

If you’d like to sign up and haven’t already, you can get a free 30-day trial. But remember to cancel before topping up.

For buyers who previously had Amazon Prime and want to sign up again to take advantage of the deals, it’s easy to sign up again.

Amazon will automatically charge you £ 7.99 once you confirm you want to become a member again.

Other Amazon Prime Day deals

AMAZON says that additional offers you can expect for Prime Day 2020 include:

  • Amazon devices: Receive early offers for Amazon devices starting October 12th at 12 noon. The discounts include cash for Echo Smart Spearkers, Kindles, and more.
  • Amazon Music: On Prime Day, Prime members who haven’t tried Amazon Music Unlimited get four months for 99p.
  • Main video: On Prime Day, Prime members receive more than 50% discount on Prime video channels. You can also get up to 50% off movies and TV shows that you can rent or buy through Prime Video.
  • Audible: During Prime Day, Prime members can get 12 months of Audible annual membership for the price of eight.
  • Kindle Unlimited: Prime members can get Kindle Unlimited for free for three months if they sign up by October 14, 2020 and haven’t used it.
  • Amazon reads first: In October, Prime members will be able to choose two Kindle books available from Amazon First Reads at no additional cost.

There are also lighting offers that are only valid for a limited time.

Just because Amazon has a sale doesn’t mean you can’t get the item for a cheaper price elsewhere. So always do an online comparison using tools like Google Shopping and PriceSpy.

You should also use the CamelCamelCamel website to check if Amazon has sold products at a cheaper price during other times of the year than if it might be worth making another sale like Black Friday or Christmas.

It’s also worth checking out competing websites to see if they match Amazon Prime discounts.

We only included items that were the cheapest price Amazon has ever sold at the time of writing.

Here are our best finds of sale here.


Renpho massager

  • Was: £ 169.99. Now: £ 52.49. Save: £ 117.50 (69%) – Buy Now
There is a 69 percent discount on this massager


There is a 69 percent discount on this massager Photo credit: amazon.de

If you have tight shoulders and certain areas on your back are difficult to reach, the Renpho massager could be the solution for you.

Thanks to its simple handle, it can also be used on other parts of the body, e.g. B. on your feet or the back of your legs.

Anker iPhone charger

  • Was: £ 15.99. Now: £ 8.99. Save: £ 7 (44%) Buy Now
This charger is compatible with iPhone phones


This charger is compatible with iPhone phonesPhoto credit: amazon.de

People who find themselves constantly losing their cables or chargers might find the Anker iPhone charger useful on their own.

If instead you want to get more power on the go, Amazon also cut the price of an Anker power bank from £ 35 to £ 20.

Ansio kettle

  • Was: £ 39.97. Now: £ 13.97. Save: £ 26 (65%) Buy Now
There is 65 percent of this kettle


There is a 65 percent discount on this kettlePhoto credit: amazon.de

If your kettle kicked the bucket, it might be the right time to get a new one.

Fortunately, the Aniso kettle has been cut by more than half the price, saving you £ 26.


Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey, 70cl

  • Was: £ 36. Now: £ 19.99 – Save: £ 6 (23%) – buy now
There is a 23 percent discount on this whiskey


There is a 23 percent discount on this whiskey Photo credit: amazon.de

Jack Daniel’s whiskey, popular with many dark ghost lovers, has lowered the price of the alcohol for Prime Day.

The drop is a mixture of caramel, mint and dark, ripe apples and has an alcohol content of 40% by volume (ABV). Remember to drink responsibly.

Lavazza coffee beans, 1 kg

  • Was: £ 15.29. Now: £ 8.99 – Save: £ 6.30 (41%) – Buy Now
There is a 41 percent discount on this coffee


There is a 41 percent discount on this coffee Photo credit: amazon.de

Coffee fans can use Amazon Prime Day to stock up on their favorite beans for the coffee pot or machine of their choice.

According to Amazon, it can be used in all types of coffee, from cappuccino and lattes to macchiatos.

Starbucks ground coffee, pack of six 200 g sachets

  • Was: £ 21.Now: £ 10.19. – Save: £ 10.81 (51%) – buy now
There is a 51 percent discount on this coffee


There is a 51 percent discount on this coffeePhoto credit: amazon.de

Starbucks fans can now have their favorite coffee every day when they complete this coffee deal.

You can get six bags of Starbucks’ house mix for just over £ 10 total.

Amazon also offers various other types of coffee, including Espresso Dolce Gusto capsules and Cappucino Dolce Gusto capsules. Both were £ 23.94 and are now £ 13.79 each.


Chilly’s water bottle

  • Was: £ 25.00. Now: £ 14.00. – Save: £ 11 (44%) – buy now
These water bottles are almost half the price


These water bottles are almost half the price Photo credit: amazon.de

For people who want to stay hydrated but don’t want to buy plastic water bottles anymore, Chilly’s water bottles could be the perfect solution for you.

They come in a variety of colors and are insulated to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.

Yankee candle tea lights

  • Was: £ 6.99. Now: £ 3.99. – Save: £ 3 (43%) – buy now
These candles are almost half the price


These candles are almost half the price Photo credit: amazon.de

Make your home smell delicious with these vanilla cupcake tealights from Yankee Candle.

Other fragrances such as pink sand, midnight jasmine and misty mountains are also included in the Prime Day offer.


Skechers boys trainers

  • Was: £ 52. Now: £ 27.26. Save: £ 24.74 (48%) – Buy Now
These trainers are now £ 27


These trainers are now £ 27Photo credit: amazon.de

If your kids need new shoes, the Skecher’s black high tops might be the best option for them.

They are made of leather, are robust and waterproof.


  • Was: £ 35. Now: £ 24.49. Save: £ 10.51 (30%) – buy now
These practical shoes are 30% off


These practical shoes are 30% off Photo credit: amazon.de

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that Crocs are comfortable and practical footwear.

They are available in sizes 4 to 8 for women and 3 to 7 for men.

The shoes are also available in black and white, as well as blue and white.

Tuscany silver sterling silver earrings

  • Was: £ 49. Now: £ 19.60. Save: £ 29.40. (60%) – buy now
There is a 60% discount on these earrings


There is a 60% discount on these earringsPhoto credit: amazon.de

If you’re looking for something special to give someone as a gift, these sterling silver earrings are the perfect option.

Because they’re made of silver, they’re hypoallergenic and also durable, says Amazon.

Other items from the range are also in the Prime Day sale, including a bracelet which is now £ 16.80.


LOL Surprise Exclusive Doll 30% discount

  • Was: £ 89.99. Now: £ 49.99. Save: £ 40 (44%) Buy Now
Get 30% Off LOL Surprise Toys


Get 30% Off LOL Surprise ToysPhoto credit: amazon.de

The LOL winter disco doll including five dolls, fashion and accessories.

They come in a useful carry bag so that children can take their dolls with them when they are on the go.

Prime Day shoppers can invest £ 5 out of £ 25 on sales when shopping through the app.

Bargain hunters should bookmark our Black Friday page to find out when sales start at retailers like Next, Argos, and Amazon.

And here are the best deals we found on the Amazon website yesterday.

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