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Amazon updates Echo Buds to address the overheating issue

Amazon asks Echo Buds owners to update the firmware on their real wireless device as soon as possible. First reported by Android CentralThe company emailed users today (July 15) to alert them of a potential safety problem with the buds. Amazon says that “in very rare cases it is found that the Echo Buds can overheat when charged”. The company has previously released a software update that addresses the issue, eliminates risks, and improves Echo Buds’ long-term battery performance.

If you own a pair of them, you can check the update through the Alexa app. Just navigate to Devices> Echo & Alexa> Echo Buds> Info. The software number should be 31

8119151 or higher. If you’ve recently paired the earbuds with your phone, you may already have them because Amazon updates them automatically. If you don’t see the right numbers, open the lid of the Echo Buds case to make sure they’re connected to your device and the Alexa app. You also need to check that at least 30 percent of the battery is left. Close the case with the earbuds and keep them near your phone for at least 30 minutes. When the time runs out, check the Echo Buds settings for the number listed above (or higher).

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