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AmazonBasics products go up in flames, but not enough for Amazon to stop selling them

According to a comprehensive investigation by CNN, many AmazonBasics products that have been reported as a fire hazard are still for sale on Amazon.

Some of the stories about the dangerous products are harrowing. In one case, a man went to the hospital after his chair caught fire while he was sleeping, apparently due to a melted USB cable. An AmazonBasics microwave caught fire when an eight-year-old was heating a mug of macaroni and cheese. One man saw fire from an AmazonBasics surge protector while only a single phone charger was plugged into it – when his baby was sleeping in a nearby room.

Reports seem to have been piling up for years. Since 201

6, CNN has had at least 1,500 reviews on more than 70 articles describing “products explode, catch fire, smoke, melt, cause electrical interference or otherwise pose a risk”.

Amazon has removed some of the items reported as dangerous by customers like the USB cable and surge protector, although many are still on the site, says CNN:

In the more than 1,500 reviews, many consumers have expressly identified items as potentially dangerous – using terms such as “danger” or “fire” or the statement that the product should be recalled. Around 30 items with three or more reviews like this one are still for sale on Amazon.com today. At the time of publication, at least 11 other products that met these criteria were no longer for sale. Some were no longer available after CNN started reporting, and at least four product pages were completely removed from the retailer’s website, leaving dead URLs that employees refer to as “dog pages.” Amazon confirmed that at least eight of these products had been screened, but said the company found that all of them met its safety standards.

Despite the many reported security issues, Amazon has only released two official recalls of AmazonBasics products so far, according to CNN. The Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has received at least 10 reports over an eight-year period mentioning an AmazonBasics product with similar concerns to the reviews analyzed by CNN.

When confronted with CNN, Amazon pointed out specific reasons why certain products met safety standards or – in some cases – were reportedly removed. (The USB cable apparently conformed to Amazon’s standards, but was also removed at some point.)

Amazon has been scanned many times in the past for the sale of faulty products – The edge In a January report, more than 60 federal lawsuits against Amazon for product liability were counted in the last ten years.

The CNN investigation is well worth reading. This also includes interviews with former Amazon employees, in which the measures to test for security problems with AmazonBasics products were discussed.

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