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Ambrosia disregards the FDA and resumes blood transfusion business

Scientific evidence and federal approval are damned: Young blood is back on the menu.

Ambrosia, which sold plasma transfusions from donors aged 16 to 25 with the promise of adolescent health benefits, closed in August The FDA issued a warning.

According to a report published by Medium & # 39; s OneZero on Friday, Ambrosia is back in business.

19659002] Ambrosia calculates $ 8,000 for a 1-liter "young blood" plasma transfusion that is claimed to reduce the effects of aging. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim, which is why the FDA "warns consumers [ed] against receiving donor plasma plasma infusions that are being promoted as undisclosed treatment for various conditions."

This type of plasma is approved for use on the label: Prevents blood clotting in elderly patients. However, the off-label application is not FDA-approved and it was determined in February that young plasma transfusions should not be performed for unlicensed reasons in scientific studies (also known as Investigational New Drug Trials or INDs).

In August, this was apparently enough to discourage Karamazin. He wrote a letter to people and publications who turned to the site (including Mashable) and informed them that Ambrosia no longer existed.

In February, the FDA announced that off-label treatments for young plasma should be performed only under IND. As a result, Ambrosia, LLC was dissolved. I am sorry that I have not found a way for this company to continue its innovative treatments. "

However, he opened a new blood transfusion business called Ivy Plasma, and the decision to shut down your business because of government warnings just to create a nearly identical company with a different name is really wild. [1

9659002] Now it is not clear what has changed except that Karamazin has probably decided that he simply did not care what the FDA had to say.

Karamazin also has no plans to validate its plasma business through official channels. [19659002] "This treatment is now available," he told One Zero. "Studies are very expensive and take a long time." Peter Thiel must be amazed.

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