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AMD supports USB-C for some Navi 21 Radeon GPUs

AMD Radeon Pro W5700

AMD Radeon Pro W5700 (Image credit: AMD)

While Nvidia is turning off VirtualLink, AMD appears to be implementing the USB-C port on some Big Navi models that will likely compete with the best gaming graphics cards out there.

An eagle-eyed Redditor discovered a new patch for AMD’s open source AMDGPU driver for Linux that supports the USB-C interface. The patch mentions Sienna Cichlid, the alleged code name for the Navi 21-based graphics card from AMD. It’s also not the first time AMD has integrated USB-C into a graphics card. The Radeon Pro W5700, which is operated with Navi 10, is equipped with a USB-C port. However, this could be the first time the chip manufacturer has put one on a gaming graphics card.

Alleged USB-C support for Big Navi (Photo credit: Freedesktop.org)

Despite popular belief, the USB-C port on Nvidia’s previous GeForce RTX 20 series graphics cards (codenamed Turing) was not a dedicated interface for VirtualLink. It was just your everyday USB-C interface that Nvidia conveniently used to support VR headsets, a feature that never caught on. You can use it like any other USB-C port to connect your headphones, external SSD enclosures or USB 3.0 hubs, charge your Android smartphone, etc.

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