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Amnesia: A machine for pigs is currently free on Epic

It’s a spooky time of year, so you might want to buy a free copy of Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs by Epic to keep you shivering until Amnesia: Rebirth launches next week. Piggy wigs were very different for an Amnesia follow up as they were made by Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture developers Thechineseroom rather than the serial developers Frictional Games, but it has some fun awkward parts. Defs that are worth a sack for the price.

First released in 201

3, the first-person horror game is set in London around the turn of the century and revolves around a great and terrifying machine. Let’s go, explore, puzzle and flee the oinkers. It’s a bit removed from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, like the sanity and inventory systems that have disappointed some fans, but it’s decent as its own thing.

Jim Rossignol called it “a wonderful, disgusting, disturbing sequel to Dark Descent” in his review of Amensia: A Machine For Pigs:

“I could probably only recommend A Machine For Pigs because of the sound design. Few games put as much emphasis on building tension and amusing you with Sonic as they do. It fluctuates violently between throbbing threat and violent, shuddering screams: sometimes from pigs, sometimes from tortured metal and failing machines, always from something sticking needles into the piece of your phrenology marked RUN AWAY. Opening a door and having it BANGBANGBANGHOWL in your face is enough for a jump, but if the sound goes on and implies that a huge machine starts in the earth below you and the architecture kinks and comes down around you, and then pigs scream on the other side of the walls.

“Oh God.”

Head to the Epic Games Store and get Amensia: A Machine For Pigs for Keepsies for free. You can also find Kingdom: New Lands, a sequel to the minimalist side-scrolling RTS, for free. Both have already been given away in different shops, but what use is the past now?

Frictional also released the source code for Dark Descent and Piggy Wigs last month if you feel like really digging through them (or waiting to see what other people do with it – dare you dream of VR support?).

Next week’s epic freebies are set to be spooky too: Double Fine’s cute trick-or-treating RPG Costume Quest 2 and Layer Of Fear 2 first-person.

Watch it on YouTube

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