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An app vulnerability that may have led you to steal your money – Technology News, Firstpost

Researchers have found that 24 apps in the Google Play store were infected with the so-called joker malware, which cost users money by subscribing. They had to pay for subscriptions without their knowledge.

The CSIS Security Group discovered this malware and wrote in their blog post that the joker malware spreads in June 201

9 and India is one of the infected countries.

In particular, all affected apps have been removed from the Play Store.

  Joker Malware: An app vulnerability that may have led you to steal your money.

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What is Joker Malware?

The malware reportedly stole money from a user account by signing up for premium subscriptions. It begins silently simulating the interaction with an ad without the user knowing, and then even steals the victim's text messages, which may include OTP, to authenticate payments.

This means that the hacker may steal money while accessing his SMS Inbox without the users knowing about it, unless they check their bank statement.

"This strategy automates the required interaction with the premium offer web page, enters the operator's offer code, and then sends an SMS with a verification code and waits to extract with regular expressions. Finally, the wildcard sends the extracted code to the offer's website to authorize the premium subscription.

Which apps are affected by joker malware?

The affected apps include:

  1. Advocate Wallpaper
  2. Age Face
  3. Altar Message
  4. Antivirus Security- Security Scan
  5. Beach Camera
  6. Board Picture Editing
  7. Particular wallpapers [19659015
  8. Collate Face Scanner
  9. Dazzle Wallpaper
  10. Declare Wallpaper
  11. Display Camera
  12. Great VPN
  13. Humor Camera
  14. Ignite Clean
  15. Leaf Face Scanner
  16. Mini Camera
  17. Print Plant Scan
  18. Faster Face Scanner
  19. Reward Clean
  20. Reddish SMS
  21. Soby Camera
  22. Spark Wallpaper

While the apps were removed from the Play Store if you are still using it or if you have just done it It is recommended to install one of these programs on your smartphone to uninstall and delete the app from your smartphone.

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