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An imaginative student turned to Tinder for help with learning

A student struggling with math turned to Tinder for last-minute help.

College student Maddi McMaster has twice taken the guesswork, and she was at her breakpoint just before her interlude.

"I've always been terrible in math, so God knows why I chose engineering studies when I first came to college."

She had "taken off to college" and the high school student who normally helped her with her homework was not that late on campus.

"After staring at the problems for 45 minutes, I realized that I had absolutely no way to find them out," she explained. The online tutorials did not help much, and none of their friends had previously done anything with calculation.

So she hastily noted a sign saying "I need help with calculus" and made it her Tinder profile picture. 1

9659002] Then she added a biography:

"I have a calculus tomorrow and I have no idea how to do that I literally just need help with the calculus, I'm just in Walter. ONLY SWIPE RIGHT IF YOU ARE good at MATH. "

" I did not actually meet anyone, "she said. "But I had people message that offered me help."

When her tweet became viral and landed on the Minnesota Barstool account, random people on Instagram threatened with help.

"I would say I knew solid 50 percent of the material, but it's pretty much a puzzle until I actually get back a score," she pointed out. "So hopefully I was better than that, somehow."

On the positive side, Maddi will probably never have to guess again – she will join the school's liberal arts department after this semester.

"I take psychology classes that, of course, involve science," she explained. "But for me it's a more digestible version."

She admitted that she might be looking for tutors for Tinder again.

"Not that I intend to [it] but if there is another terrible situation like this, I definitely have to consider that," she joked.

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