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An Investor Perspective on the Current State of the Global Space Startup Industry – TechCrunch

Space Investment Startups are significant and growing, and opportunities for commercial actors in space exploration, research and industrialization are increasing. For non-experienced investors and observers, however, these options may appear dull and confusing, buried in jargon and intoxicating hype.

This is a good time to consult with those already involved in space investments – such as François Chopard, CEO of the global aerospace and defense accelerator Starburst.

Chopard recently presented a deck describing the current state of the space industry, particularly with regard to the early stages of commissioning and investment. In essence, Starburst's CEO expects the beginning of the current space and space launch boom to start in 201

5, when SpaceX began its development cadence after more than a decade of development, testing and early commercial launch service.

Remarkably, Chopard states that Starburst has a database of more than 6,000 aerospace aerospace and defense startups assembled by its scouting team. Meanwhile, such a slowdown has disappeared.

This year alone, funds totaling $ 5 billion have been announced – and these data are not related to the last three months of the year. Collectively, this represents 4 percent of the total VC market, according to Starburst's calculations.

Chopard also outlines the opportunities Starbust sees in terms of space and defense industry development, calling the "ground segment" the "next bottleneck" "For example.

In essence, this means that all these new satellite companies, which can bring their hardware into space thanks to the advent and availability of affordable launchers, will need an infrastructure on Earth to process the data they collect. Both in terms of transmission and storage, this will be a booming opportunity for new and emerging companies to experience strong growth in VC investment in recent years, despite seemingly high technological hurdles and perceived long development periods. [19659008]
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