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Analogue and Hyperdub have teamed up for a limited edition Sega Genesis album

London-based electronic music label Hyperdub has released a limited-edition album on a Sega Genesis cassette with Analogue, a manufacturer of video game hardware, to celebrate its 15th anniversary. The album is bundled with a custom version of Analogue's Mega Sg, an aftermarket version of the original Sega Genesis that plays Sega Genesis, Mega Drive and Master System cassettes. In the past year, the company has a similar collaboration with Ghostly International and the Super Nt, the Analogue Super Nintendo aftermarket console.

Hyperdub is an ideal partner for Analogue for this project. Founded in 2004, the label emerged from Britain's early dubstep scene and has since become an influential, taste-determining center. In 201

7, the label presented the double vinyl "Diggin 'In The Carts" with 36 rare and groundbreaking Japanese video game tracks from the 1980s and early 1990s. And earlier this year, label boss Kode9 remixed four classic video game tracks, including Koichi Ishibashi's Bad Data by Dezaemon. The album will be available only as a Sega Genesis cartridge. Analogue has reworked the Mega Sg console in a slender, black and burnished gold, adding a variant of Hyperdub's favored 8-bit camouflage design to the cartridge. The album contains titles by artists such as Burial (below), Lee Gamble, Proc Fiskal and of course Kode9. Each title is available exclusively on the Limited Edition cassette and will not be published in any other format.

There is a story in which musicians of Sega Genesis are fascinated. There is software for composing with Sega Genesis sounds and DIY videos showing how to modify the console's sound chips to create your own music player for video games. Early this year, techno artist Remute programmed a complete LP with the Sega Genesis and released it on a Sega Mega Drive cassette (though it is also available in more traditional digital formats).

The Hyperdub Mega Sg is limited to 1,000 pieces and costs $ 249.99. Each order includes the console, an 8BitDo M30 gamepad, the Hyperdub album cartridge, a hyperdub lucky-guy keychain, and cables and a power adapter. They should be available immediately. So if you want to make sure you get one (the Ghostly International issue is sold out), order it from Analogue.

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