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Android 11 Go Edition is available for devices with 2 GB RAM and less

Just a few days after the announcement of Android 11 Stable, Google announced the Android 11 Go Edition for devices with 2 GB of RAM and less. The new version of Android for entry-level devices brings performance improvements and new data protection functions.

Android 11 Go Edition

According to Google, Android 11 Go Edition will extend the start time of the app by 20% compared to Android 10 Go Edition. Android Go devices also get the same security and privacy features as Android 11, e.g. For example, one-time permission and auto-reset permissions for apps that were previously granted permissions but haven’t been used in a while.

Android 11 Go Edition now has support for gesture navigation as entry-level phones now have large displays. For example, the Redmi 9A has a 6.53-inch display. Another available function is calls that are in the notification shadow. From there, users can easily manage and reply to messages.

Google has increased support for Android 11 Go on devices with up to 2 GB of RAM from the previous 1.5 GB limit. The additional RAM is said to provide up to 900MB of additional space for the phones and up to 270MB of free space so you can run more apps and games at the same time.

Android 11 Go Edition will be available next month. While few manufacturers (read HMD Global) only update their devices to the new version, the new rule that says that all new devices with 2GB of RAM or less should start with Android Go from next quarter should mean that we will see some new Android 11 Go Edition phones coming out soon.

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