A big reason to buy a Pixel phone is to get important Android updates on release day. Android 11, which debuted last week, hit everyone on time – well, not everyone really. Google stopped the update for a week in India because it needed some fine-tuning before an official release. After a long and limitless wait, Android 11 is finally coming to pixel phones in India.

Our tipster received the update with a weight of 1

.72 GB on his Pixel 4 XL in the early morning hours. At that point, one of Google’s community moderators also confirmed that the new firmware had indeed been rolled out in India. Google separately indicated the status change by removing the rollout exception for the country labeled “All carriers except IN” from its OTA image download page. The update will reach all eligible Pixel models, including those that didn’t make an official debut here. For example, in our tipster’s case, it is an imported Pixel 4 XL unit that received the OTA.

After several users complained that they hadn’t received the update in time, Google issued a statement clarifying that some things need to be tweaked to meet “the requirements of the Indian ecosystem” before the rollout can begin becomes. That sounds about right when our tipster confirmed that his secondary Jio eSIM, which was previously only suitable for mobile data, can now also make calls and send SMS messages.

For your information, Indian Pixel owners who ran Android 11 Beta received the stable build on day one. Only those who cling to stable Android 10 had to wait all the time. We can now put all of this behind us as everyone counting the days to the release of Android 11 in India finally has access to the new operating system. In the meantime, you can test all the new features in this new version on your Pixel device.