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Android 11 is Red Velvet Cake

Google discarded the official dessert names with Android Q last year. Since Android 11 rolled out its beta preview, we haven̵

7;t thought about what a dessert name might look like for it. It is sad that we gave up like this at our age, but rest assured that not everyone has it, and there are those in this industry who still want to know and fight this struggle.

During an interview with the All about Android Dave Burke of Google sat down to find out about Android 11, its features, whether there are hidden surprises and whether his team has an internal code name for them. As it turns out, they do it. Android 11 is called Red Velvet Cake or “RVC” by googlers.

Satisfied with dessert worshipers?

As for hidden surprises, Burke has also highlighted upcoming Android 11 features that were not revealed by the beta. He mentioned that we could see them in the next few weeks, or even 4-6 weeks, because Android is so updatable these days. He seems to be excited, that’s a good thing.

If you want to see his entire interview, which takes about 30 minutes, go to YouTube.

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