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Another indie developer suggests Sony decline PS store sales requests

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You’d think Sony would be all too happy to discount PlayStation Store games at the request of a developer, but we’ve been hearing for a few weeks now that the Japanese giant is less than helpful in this department. The last to speak is Lucas Pope from Return of the Obra Dinn, which is currently available at half price on practically all platforms – with the exception of the PlayStation 4.

When asked if Sony’s system would receive the discount, Pope replied:

It wouldn’t mean much on its own, but this isn’t the first time we’ve heard stories like this. In fact, an eagle-eyed ResetEra poster compiled all of the individual complaints from developers who couldn’t get their games discounted on the PS Store. It’s really mind-boggling as we can only imagine promotions like this one increasing overall developer revenue, which the Japanese giant is pocketing a cool 30 percent less of.

This must be extremely frustrating for teams whose livelihoods are at stake. PlayStation generally has an install base that is way too big to ignore. However, it cannot make the PS4 a particularly attractive platform for development. Hopefully the manufacturer can correct this quickly because it is undoubtedly a bad view from our seat.

Heck, this writer would have bought Return of the Obra Dinn for half the price! This is bad news for everyone!

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