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Anthem still has a path to greatness despite early reviews


Jason Parker / CNET

When Anthem Was First Announced at E3 in 2017 BioWare fans were not keen to see what was next. I was right there with them. Seeing Iron Man-esque robots flying into a lush landscape. Could this be the next generation of action? RPG / loot shooters fans had one to compete with Destiny?

After spending time with the game since its Feb. 22 launch, the answer is not yes and it isn But no one thinks of the situation as an early reflection.

For a number of reasons, I think they have sold the game short.

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Jason Parker / CNET

The critical consensus is not wrong

GameSpot have about Anthem. The long load screens (and sheer volume of them) are indeed a pain. The hierarchical menu system is confusing and seems to be half-baked at best. The multiplayer aspects of the game clash with its single-player focus, long NPC conversations interrupt your party's momentum, and then there are the bugs, the disappearing loot issues. Each and every one of these complaints are valid.

The problem is that all these issues are overshadowed something great. Anthem's surface. The core gameplay is extremely enjoyable, even at this early stage, and with the right fixes over time, Anthem could be a game in the future.

Combos are one of the keys that make things interesting

19659013] Just about every review agrees: launching into the air and flying around is indeed a lot of fun. For Kotaku it's Anthem's only speech quality: "

So they agree with the different javelin (robot suits)" Anthem's core idea of ​​'jetpacks plus guns' works excellently on its own, but nothing else in the game quite lives up to it. " have a distinct feel and are fun to use. GameInformer said: "The javelins are Anthem's biggest triumphs, making almost every little action feel like they're controlling a superhero capable of unleashing light."

There's more to it, though. The abilities for each javelin so have a unique one-two punch system where you can set up what's called a primer and a detonation. For example, you might have an ice shards primer that freezes enemies, then a lightning-strike detonator that sets up a combo that hits for bigger damage.

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Jason Parker / CNET

Crafting is simple and satisfying

In many action MMOs you'll have to gather materials, bring them back to a forge and craft an item using a recipe. Anthem is no different, but it streamlines the process. Unlocking your reputation (by completing challenges) with different factions.

Actual crafting all takes place in a couple of screens, allowing you to use materials.

Like most MMOs there's a grinding aspect to completing challenges and unlocking higher-tiered items, but the crafting happens in one place. You're not running around forging steel in one location, refining minerals in another, then going to a workbench in a third location.

BioWare's Ben Irving

Anthem's true test comes in six months, not now

Critics are absolutely right to expect that when people spend $ 60 on a game, it should be a complete and polished experience, not a work in progress. But I think they are the whole story.

When Destiny was released we heard the same critiques. Poor story. Weak endgame. Bugs and glitches galore. The next year, Bungie pulled it all together with The Taken King. Destiny 2 and once more, in the following year, his Forsaken sequel made it the game most wanted by the beginning.

Anthem is not a great $ 60 game. But it could be a decent $ 30 pickup. Or a redemption story in 2020. But as of now, its fundamentals, open world and enjoyable co-op loop are enough to save it from the eternal damnation that it is condemned to by many across the internet.


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