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Apex Legends: The Brief Return of the Skull City of the Past

The highly anticipated sixth season of Apex Legends was nothing short of successful. Season 6 introduced a lot of exciting features and changes to gameplay in the form of new content. In addition to the fresh content, a new season will also add various events.

September Soiree is currently live, where players will experience a different limited-time mode each week through October 5th. September Soiree started with DUMMIE’s Big Day event. The intention was to bring some classic LTMs back to Apex Legends. However, Respawn had to stop the party after developers discovered a breakthrough bug that resulted in server crashes.

To their credit, they quickly released a patch update that fixed various issues that were affecting the gaming experience. They also confirmed their decision to resume the party they suspended. The team made sure players didn̵

7;t miss the action by replacing DUMMIE’s Big Day with Kings Canyon After Dark.

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Skulltown is back and is booming in Apex Legends

The reintroduction of Kings Canyon After Dark has a nostalgic factor. Skull Town still exists on this night themed card. In the regular Kings Canyon map, Skull Town was devastated by the events leading up to season five, marking Loba’s arrival at the Apex Games. The prospect of being able to revisit Skull Town of the past for a limited time delights many fans.

Popular content creator from Apex Legends, Zylbrad, shared the gameplay of Kings Canyon After Dark in a YouTube video. Zylbrad, along with his teammates ToddyKwest and BirnoOCE, couldn’t wait to jump in Skull Town. Unsurprisingly, Skull Town has become some of the hottest hot drops. A large part of the lobby would like to revisit the POI that has fallen.

In the first game, Skull Town was crowded and eventually became a paradise for third parties. After Zylbrad, there were only six teams left in the game, and his squad was removed at the end of the first round when the ring began to shrink. In the second game, Skull Town was 1,000 yards from the DropShip’s path, but several teams made the drop.

Screengrab on Zylbrad’s YouTube channel

This time around, Zylbrad and his team have cleared Skull Town by showing off their formidable skills and team synergies. Zylbrad himself had scored nine kills on the spot, and after the first round there were only seven teams left. The trio had a flawless game en route to victory with 21 kills combined.

Finally, the third game had a similar start when the trio faced their opponents in Skull Town. This match had an interesting ending. Zylbrads team-mate got involved in a fist fight with the last remaining opponent and emerged victorious. Zylbrad and his squad became champions again with a total of 20 kills.

Kings Canyon After Dark will be live until September 15th. After that, another LTM will take over for another week. Those interested can check out the gameplay of Zylbrad’s Skull Town below.

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