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Apple accuses Epic of “lighting a fire and pouring gasoline” on the new Fortnite file

Apple has responded to Epic’s demands that the iPhone manufacturer restore Fourteen days to the App Store in new legal documents on the grounds that the company’s violations are “entirely self-inflicted” and that Fourteen days can revert to iOS at any time – once Epic removes the custom in-app payment system that triggered the game’s removal.

“Epic has lit a fire and poured gasoline on it and is now asking this court for immediate help in extinguishing it,” Apple writes in the 37-page opposition letter. “[E]Although Epic can do it itself in an instant, simply by adhering to the terms of the contract that have governed its relationship with Apple for years. ”


The company later adds, “Epic could have avoided any further harm that affects both of them Fourteen days and Unreal Engine – with the push of a button. “By refusing, Epic is” holding its own customers hostage to intervene in a business dispute. “

This is not a new argument from Apple. It has kicked since then Fourteen days From the App Store in August, it was clear to the iPhone manufacturer that they would like to return to the Status quo. However, these documents provide more detailed information on the legal arguments Apple will use in its response to Epic’s request for an injunction and recovery Fourteen days for iOS users. A full court hearing to resolve this matter is scheduled for September 28th.

Throughout the filing, Apple reiterates its main argument: the company provides a valuable service by maintaining the App Store and by circumventing store rules, Epic has broken its contract with Apple and the company can boot it from its services. The opposition letter also adds new details. For example, Apple suggests that Epic started this lawsuit in part to draw attention to a flagging franchise:

“For reasons unrelated to Epic’s claims against Apple, Fortnite is declining in popularity. By July 2020, interest in Fortnite had dropped nearly 70% compared to October 2019. This lawsuit (and the front page headlines) appear to be part of a marketing campaign designed to reinvigorate interest in Fortnite. “

Elsewhere, Apple notes that iOS isn’t a big part of it Fourteen daysRevenue. It cites data from Epic, of which only 10 percent Fourteen days Consumers regularly gamble on the iPhone, claiming that according to Epic, Apple is the “smallest piece of the pie” when it comes to revenue. The implication, again, is that Epic does not suffer “irreparable damage” (as the company has claimed in its own records), but rather causes a stir for other, selfish reasons.

Parallel to this argument, according to Apple, Epic’s claim that it suffered “reputational damage” from booting from the App Store is also misleading. The iPhone maker says Epic’s “preplanned media flash” shows that it actually welcomes the attention generated by this case:

“If Epic were really concerned that this argument would damage its reputation, it would not go into these elaborate efforts to get it known. For all reasons (including the #freefortnite campaign), Epic believes that his behavior here will lead to benevolence, build his reputation, and lead users to Fortnite, not the opposite. That doesn’t hurt. “

However, this is only a small part of Apple’s broader argument. If you would like to prepare for this month’s court hearing, you can read the opposition letter in full below:

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