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Apple allows developers to grant in-app discounts to existing users

Apple will now allow app developers to provide incentives, discounts, and freebies to existing users of their apps by changing the tech giant's current subscription model.

Previously, app developers could only offer discounts to new users, making it difficult to attract former users who had canceled their subscriptions.

iOS apps can now use one of three discount models; According to MacRumors, customers can "access a subscription for free for a limited period of time, pay a promotional price in each billing cycle, or pay a one-time promotional price."

Developers can have up to 1

0 active deals per subscription "that they can use to test which offers are best designed to encourage previous users to re-subscribe to their services.

App developers will also be able to acknowledgment of receipt, "MacRumors says developers can" act on a promotional offer quickly to regain them before the end of their current subscription term. "Currently in beta, they are probably welcomed by developers.

According to Engadget, "Apple is decreasing first-year apps revenue by 30 percent, but apps subscribed to by customers have been ibed by 15 percent for more than a year."

In addition to developers, more subscribers they might save money from these changes that they would otherwise have to repay to Apple.

You may be wondering how this affects iOS users, and while we could see the benefits of better deals and discounts from developers, it could Further notifications of these apps will come when they try to stick to our subscriptions.

A quick look at the Apple developer rules says apps in the App Store can not use push notifications for "promotional, promotional, or direct marketing" purposes.

However, Apple Music has recently flouted its own rules after sending a push notification to users to submit them an offer to inform. Many users were dissatisfied with it – so Apple will continue the restrictions on the use of push notifications for advertising.

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