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Apple Breakfast: What will Apple announce on September 15th?

Apple generates a lot of messages and it can be difficult to keep up with. If you’ve been doing other things this week, our roundup of Apple-related headlines will bring you up to date.

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What can you expect this Tuesday?

Most of this round-up will be about what happened last week, but for now we’re thinking about what’s going to happen Next Week. Apple is holding a special event on Tuesday, September 15th – possibly the first of three this fall – and several key product lines are up for an update.

The smart money I mean by pretty much every expert on the racetrack is that we̵

7;ll get the Apple Watch Series 6 and a new iPad, based in part on the discovery of the term “Series 6” in Apple’s YouTube metadata – Page for the event and the AR gimmick in the invitation that indicates an iPad Air with LiDAR.

But who cares about smart money? We’re much more interested in the deeply suspicious statements made by a suspected “Apple employee” on Reddit who claims to be a) the source of all Apple Glass news this year (which the authors of these stories have denied) and b), that Apple will launch the iPhone 12 and an Apple Silicon MacBook Pro on Tuesday evening.

If it’s not already obvious, we are not convinced by these claims, as other sources say that the first publicly available Apple Silicon processor has not yet gone into mass production (although expected soon) and Apple itself warned about it that the iPhone 12 would do this a few weeks later than usual. Instead, read our guide to what to expect on September 15th.

What to expect on September 15th

Fortnite will be convicted and then revived

The long and drawn out battle between Apple and Epic Games continues and Fortnite players are suffering as a result. This week, after news that Apple had sued Epic for breach of contract, Epic announced that its apps were losing access to the “Sign in with Apple” feature and warned users to check their login settings to prevent access to their accounts to lose. Even later in the week, however, we heard that the game was on a play stay.

This has been described as an “indefinite expansion,” but Epic doesn’t take anything for granted and is advising players to continue preparing for life after signing up with Apple. Our Tech Advisor colleagues have written a guide that explains how to move from signing in to Apple to Fortnite.

Regardless of the login situation, Epic remains a bit sneaky in dealing with Apple and its platforms. The company’s developer account will remain closed and Fortnite has not been re-added to the App Store. Of course, you can still download Fortnite on your iPhone if you know what it’s about.

Short messages

More details on Apple’s rumored “Apple One” subscription bundle were released eagle-eyed this week thanks to the detective work of 9to5Google. What do you write about Apple, I hear you ask – well, the clues were found in the beta code for Apple Music for Android.

Mark Zuckerberg believes that the Apple App Store should be examined for its dominant position. We think Mark Zuckerberg should be examined for his hairstyle.

Regarding investigations, the Australian Competition and Consumers Commission announced an investigation this week to see if Apple, Google and, ironically, Facebook are violating competition laws. The Italian competition authority is investigating Apple, Google and Dropbox for the fairness of their terms and conditions.

Apple has postponed the introduction of stricter data protection regulations in iOS 14 until early next year. This follows an outcry among advertisers who were worried (probably rightly) that the change would hurt their income, despite Apple saying the move was “giving developers time to make necessary changes”.

Bugs and problems

Apple has announced another additional update for macOS 10.15.6 Catalina. A problem that led to the crash of virtualization programs had to be fixed back in August. This time the operating system is causing problems with Wi-Fi and iCloud Drive.

The rumor mill

Which iPhone 12 models will be released first? We look at how Apple is expected to postpone its biggest launch of the year.

Patent activity suggests that a future iPhone like the Apple Watch may spit water out of its connectors.

Apple’s AirTags are already in mass production. We also got a glimpse of their manual.

And that’s it for this week. Stay Appley – and I’ll see you on Tuesday night!

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