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Apple calls new Russian smartphone sales law "equivalent to jailbreaking"

Russian President Vladimir Putin today signed a new law requiring that all smartphones, computers and smart TVs sold in the country be preinstalled with Russian software, Reuters reports.

Proponents of the law claim that it will help Russian developers to compete better with foreign technology companies. The legislation was also set up to save consumers from downloading software after purchasing a new device.

Electronic retailers have already criticized the law, due to come into force on July 1, next year, saying that the bill was passed without consulting them. The law has also aroused fears that Russia could use the pre-installed apps to spy on its citizens.

It is still unclear how tech companies will react to the news, even though Apple had previously threatened to withdraw from the Russian market when a complete ban on its products was introduced without pre-installed apps, Russian media reported earlier this month year.

On today's legal news, an unnamed Apple source told the business paper Kommersant "A mandate to add third-party applications to Apple's ecosystem would be tantamount to a jailbreak security threat, and the company may take that kind of risk do not tolerate. "

According to the Moscow Times the government will prepare a list of software that tech companies must pre-install, as well as a list of legally-registered devices that are likely to belong to computers. Tablets and Smart TVs next to mobile phones.

The Russian government has taken advantage of Internet liberties in recent years, including the requirement that messaging services share encryption keys with security services and social networks to store user data on servers in the country.

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