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Apple CEO impressed with remote work, sees constant changes

Tim cook

Photographer: David Paul Morris / Bloomberg

Tim Cook, Apple Inc.̵

7;s chief executive officer, said he was impressed with the employees’ ability to work remotely and predicted that some new work habits will persist after the pandemic.

During an interview with Speaking at the Atlantic Festival on Monday, Cook said Apple had developed products, including new Apple Watches and iPads, which will hit the market on time this year, although most employees will not have to work in the office due to Covid-19.

Cook said he doesn’t think Apple “will go back to what we were because we discovered that there are some things that work really well virtually.”

The comments contrast with the views of other executives, such as Reed Hastings of Netflix Inc., who recently described remote working as “purely negative,” and Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase & Co., who warned against it permanent damage if workers don’t return to the office soon.

Cook said 10% to 15% of Apple employees have returned to the office and he hopes the majority of employees can return to the company’s new campus in Silicon Valley at some point next year.

The CEO said he and he went to the office in different places during the week written down This remote work is “not like being physically together”. Working in the office spurs creativity, for example in spontaneous meetings, he added.

The Apple executive also said the company is focused on politics rather than politics when asked about his talks with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Cook was also asked how long he plans to run California tech giant Cupertino. “We’ll see,” he said. “At some point, of course, we’ll all do something different.”

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