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Apple could use broadcast-quality iPhone cameras to stream WWDC 2020 sessions

“American Idol” is one of many shows that are interrupted in the ongoing health crisis. Last month we learned that filming with iPhones would be done remotely to complete the current season, which will be on TV again on April 26th.

For a new one TechCrunch Articles provided by ABC for “American Idol” hosts and candidates include home studio rigs that include a three-camera setup, including three iPhone 11 Pros, a tripod, and ring light, with production teams setting up and editing the camera at a safe distance help from home.

Apple also made an explanation for the article, saying its iPhones offer a novel portable solution for professionals to deliver broadcast-quality video despite the restrictions on staying at home.

We know that people rely on their favorite shows at home, and we’re excited to be part of the process with the American Idol team. IPhone offers a unique solution for delivering broadcast quality videos in the palm of your hand while keeping production workers and on-air talent safe and at home.

Apple’s consumer devices have previously been used to produce television programs and other home programs. For example, the well-known talk show host Conan O’Brien does his show from home with an “iPhone” while all of his guests use Skype and the rest of his crew work from home.

Apple itself is planning Use iPhones for streaming programs at WWDC 2020 BloombergMark Gurman, although the extent of this dependency on iPhones is likely to be limited to developer sessions. Expect Apple’s keynote presentation and other prominent broadcasts to include more professional studio rigs and tracking devices.

Apple’s WWDC virtual event starts next month and is hosted on the Apple Developer app and on the Apple Developer website. The event is free for all developers, and Apple’s keynote is expected to appear on June 22 when WWDC begins.

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