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Apple gives epic game users a registration deadline

It wasn’t exactly a doomsday clock that was running out. But Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) It is still a welcome relief for many to give Epic Games users a deadline so that they cannot log into their accounts with Apple credentials.

De-escalate the tension

The increasingly fierce battle over Epic Games’ refusal to adhere to the App Store’s Terms of Service for In-App Payments was compounded a little when Apple set a deadline for a user to log into Epic at midnight on September 11th. Sign in with Apple “.

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Epic was booted from the App Store to develop a payment bypass for Fourteen days Users who paid Epic directly instead of having Apple cut 30% of payments. Although Epic is suing Apple to be reinstated and Apple is claiming damages and getting back any payments it may have missed, it was users who would be bothered by the sign-in ban.

They could still have access to their accounts, but would first have to switch their email addresses and passwords to the Epic system. There was a prospect of being irretrievably locked out of their accounts if they didn’t.

However, on Thursday afternoon, Epic tweeted that Apple had decided to de-escalate the situation.

Epic Games continues to encourage users to switch their credentials to their website in case Apple changes its mind. However, for now, users can still access their accounts using Apple IDs.

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