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Apple gives Stadia and xCloud the green light for iOS

“Streaming game services may offer a catalog app on the App Store that allows users to sign up for the service and find the games in the App Store, provided the app complies with all guidelines, including the ability to pay for a subscription. App Buying and Using Sign in to Apple, ”the company said in another section of its policies. “All games included in the catalog app must be linked to a single App Store product page.”

Apple has come under fire on several fronts recently for its App Store practices, particularly from game manufacturers. Epic Games is, of course, embroiled in a lawsuit with the company over Apple̵

7;s 30 percent cut in in-app payments. Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store shortly after that battle flared up.

Microsoft and Facebook (both have expressed their support for Epic) have also obeyed Apple’s rules. They said the guidelines restricted their gaming apps to iPhones and iPads. The xCloud and GeForce Now apps are not available at all for iOS devices, while you cannot currently play games through the Stadia or Facebook gaming apps.

Last month, Apple announced that it would have to restrict streaming services for games as each title would have to be reviewed and approved individually – rules that don’t apply to non-interactive streaming services like Netflix and Spotify.

If you have to download every Stadia or xCloud game (or at least an app that connects to a cloud server with the full game) that you want to play, the main purpose of game streaming will be ruined. At least from now on, you can play them on iOS devices.

This move gives game streaming services some parity with Apple’s own game subscription service, Apple Arcade. You will also need to use it to download games one at a time.


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