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Apple has developed a COVID-19 mask for its retail employees

Forget the iPhone 12, Apple’s hottest new product is a face mask.

The iPhone maker has reportedly created its first custom face mask and is starting to ship it to corporate and retail employees in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Apple Face Mask, as it was called, was created by the same design teams that work on the iPhone and iPad, Bloomberg reports. The three-layer mask includes “large top and bottom covers for the wearer’s nose and chin” and adjustable straps for added comfort.

Apple told Bloomberg that when researching materials, it is careful not to interfere with medical professionals’ access to personal protective equipment.

Apple of Cupertino, California has also developed a face cover called ClearMask that is completely transparent. The mask should leave the mouth visible in order to facilitate communication for deaf or hard of hearing customers.

Apple Store employees are currently using standard issue masks, but will receive the Apple Face Mask in the coming weeks.

Customers visiting Apple Store locations will continue to receive basic surgical masks and will need to have their temperature taken upon arrival.

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