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Apple iPad Air Review Summary: Should You Buy One?

After Apple finally presented the new iPad Air earlier this month, reviews of the new tablet hit the Internet. Many reviewers praised the device for its price, functionality, and functionality.

The new iPad Air, which costs $ 599 and will be available in October, features an A14 Bionic chip with 5-nanometer processor technology. This offers a 40% increase in CPU performance over the previous iPad Air, the Cupertino, Calif.-Based tech giant said at the event.

The new tablet also has a 1

0.9-inch display for liquid retina with a resolution of 2360 x 1640. The device has integrated Touch ID technology that contains Apple’s smallest authentication sensor and is available in five colors: White, black, pink, green and blue.

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The iPad Air also includes a new USB cable and supports the Apple Pencil.

Here are some of the top reviews for the Apple iPad Air 4.

Laptop Mag. Dr.

Sean Riley, reviewer of Laptop Mag, compared the new iPad Air to the new eighth generation iPad, which was also unveiled, and said the iPad Air was a greater improvement on the previous iPad Air than the eighth generation iPad.

“Although the price has gone up, in many ways you get an iPad Pro that is $ 200 off,” Riley wrote. “The only real sacrifice is the lack of 120Hz ProMotion. It’s no small matter, but you won’t be missing out if you haven’t experienced it before. If you plan to use your iPad for drawing or video production, I would say the ProMotion is a feature that you would greatly miss, but most users would get better value if they stick with the iPad Air 4. “

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Engadget reviewer Chris Velazco wasn’t that gushy in its praise, but noted that it was better than its predecessor and even called it “excellent”.

“This year’s cheap iPad may not have had a major makeover, but it is a little better in a few key ways,” wrote Velazco. “Most importantly, it’s a great way for new tablet owners or people in need of an upgrade to familiarize themselves with all of the work that has been done in iPadOS.”

Apple shares rose on Friday, rising 3.8% to close at $ 112.28.


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