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Apple iPhone 12: Don’t Let The 5G Gimmick Technology News Fool You

Would you ever buy a Ferrari if you lived in a place where there are no good roads? I think the answer would be a resounding no as you won’t be able to ride it and experience the thrill of high speed. Simply because the roads cannot handle these speeds. So what’s the whole point of getting one, right?

The 5G iPhone 12 is a bit like that Ferrari. It comes with the power of 5G, a technology that theoretically offers speeds that are 10 to 20 times faster than current 4G wireless networks. But can you actually experience these blazing speeds on the new iPhone? No, you can’t. Because we don’t have the infrastructure to make these super-fast speeds possible.

That may sound harsh, but in India buying a 5G phone is a waste as we don̵

7;t have 5G networks yet. And I don’t expect them to be available until mid-2021.

If you are talking about the US, several telecom operators have deployed 5G networks in lower spectrum bands that offer speeds slightly higher than 4G. In fact, a much faster version of “mid-band” 5G is being rolled out in America, but it will take about 5 years to reach 75 percent of the country’s population. The fact is, 5G phones are only seeing a small increase over 4G speeds in the US right now. So there will be relatively little that you can do on a 5G iPhone that you can’t with a 4G iPhone.

In South Korea, 5G networks are better and faster, but local players like Samsung are more capable of attracting users. Apple will likely struggle with its 5G offering there.

Another important point is that we don’t even have a lot of apps that can take advantage of 5G’s potential. Do you remember how interest in 4G was sparked by mobile apps from Facebook and YouTube?

Perhaps first we need applications that can use higher speeds to deliver something new and spark our interest in the next generation cellular network.

The point I want to make here is that you won’t buy the new iPhone just because it has 5G. Only select it if you think your phone has everything else you are looking for. The same applies to 5G-enabled Android phones.

In short, 5G is evolving. So don’t fall in love with the 5G marketing gimmick that many phone manufacturers are now betting on. It’s just a sales trick.

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