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Apple is expanding its network with new subscription bundles

This is a clear value for people who already want to subscribe to these four services, but it also makes competing services less attractive. Apple device users will be discouraged from using Google Drive for storage or Netflix for streaming if, for example, they can switch to the Apple bundle and actually save money.


The Apple One Family Plan, which gives up to six people access to the same services and increases storage to 200 GB of shared storage, could also discourage family members from choosing different services or encourage families to choose Apple devices . Of course, as Apple points out, it also makes things easier and cheaper for those who are already in the ecosystem.

Apple is certainly not the only one using its position to give its services a head start on its own platform. Microsoft uses Windows to almost relentlessly push its Edge browser to its users, while Google prefers its own Play Store marketplace for Android.

For Apple, however, this latest move comes at a time when several large companies ̵

1; and many smaller developers – are already complaining about how Apple is kicking the scales by favoring its own offerings and using its device software in ways that others don’t can and ask a 30 percent less business of competitors.

Apple’s high profile litigation with Fourteen days-maker Epic Games has highlighted some of the problems developers are having with Apple’s practices. Epic said the tech giant needs to allow alternative payment methods and storefronts on its ubiquitous platforms. After offering alternative payment methods that violate Apple guidelines, Fourteen days has been removed from the App Store.

Music, e-book, video, and game subscription providers have complained in the past about the unequal playing conditions on the iPhone and other Apple platforms, and the new bundles are unlikely to make them comfortable.

Spotify, the pioneer in music streaming, has already labeled Apple One offerings as anti-competitive.

“Apple uses its dominant position and its unfair practices to disadvantage competitors and deprive consumers by preferring its own services,” the company said in a statement.

“We urge competition authorities to take urgent action to curb Apple’s anticompetitive behavior. If left unchecked, it will cause irreparable harm to the developer community and threaten our collective freedoms to listen, learn, create and connect . “


In a response to Reuters, an Apple spokesman said the bundle was designed to save money for existing users of its services and “customers can discover and enjoy alternatives to any single Apple service.”

Services have clearly become a major focus for Apple. The company attracts tens of millions of subscribers and helps double its revenue in the past four years. And while the deals from Apple TV + to Apple Arcade are nifty and exciting enough to justify each of their previous successes on their own, the decision to bundle them at a high discount will surely lead to even more customers from competing offers jump off .

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