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Apple is pursuing the market for suspicious parents with ‘Family Setup’

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Sometimes all you have to do is keep an eye on your lying little demon spawn.

On Tuesday, Apple announced a new Apple Watch feature for discerning but suspicious parents who don’t believe their child should ever know the taste of true freedom or independence. Say hello to Family Setup: a tool that lets you track your kids’ location with an Apple Watch cellular model.

With Family Setup, arrogant mothers and fathers around the world can pair multiple Apple Watches with their own iPhone. And after that is done, the same mothers and fathers have the option to keep track of the locations of the clocks.

“You can control which contacts your children can communicate with when you use messaging and more,” said Deirdre Caldbeck, Apple director of Apple Watch, at the livestream event on Tuesday. “And you can set up automatic location notifications. Whether it’s grandma’s house, school or basketball practice, you can be sure that your child is exactly where you expect them to be.”

Don't let them out of your digital field of vision.

Don’t let them out of your digital field of vision.

Apple Watches capable of family setup have their own telephone number “via a separate cellular network plan” – and thus finally meet the worldwide demand for a product that incurs all the costs of a monthly telephone plan without offering the full functions of a telephone. However, Family Setup offers customizable location notifications that “[allow] the legal guardian to receive an update on the location of their family member for an occasion or on a recurring or time-based schedule. “

Interestingly, Caldbeck made the pitch that Family Setup is a product for grandparents and kids. After all, why should you just keep tracking your kids when you can digitally monitor your older parents too?

There’s also the school-time mode that Caldbeck wants viewers to know “kids stay focused” on. Because yes, Apple Watches are absolutely the focus that most kids need.

Always pursue.

Always pursue.

Image: screenshot / apple

So slap one of these babies on your baby’s wrist. According to Apple’s very helpful commercial, it’s never too early to incorporate your tikes into the Apple ecosystem.

If you have a cellular model of Apple Watch Series 4 or later, you will be able to download Family Setup as a free software update starting Wednesday.

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