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Apple is releasing an ASL translation of its “Time Flies” event

On Tuesday (via) Apple published a translation of its “Time Flies” event in American sign language on its website AppleInsider). The ASL translated event playback has two screens: the left one shows the event video while the right one shows someone translating what is being said in ASL.

Apple is already known for its accessibility features in its products. iOS 14, the company’s next major iPhone update, offers users some significant improvements. It can alert you when your iPhone picks up certain noises, such as the bark of a dog. Another new feature is that you can double or triple tap the back of your phone to perform a custom task. If you use sign language during a FaceTime group call, iOS 1

4 can recognize it and make your window more familiar to others on the call.

The addition of an ASL translation of the Time Flies event shows that Apple continues to consider ways to serve customers with disabilities. The replay of the event also features subtitles in a variety of languages ​​including English, Spanish, and Japanese.

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