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Apple is striving for better iPhone photos with AI and infrared

  Apple's iPhone 11 line
Apple's iPhone 11 line

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The quality of photos that smartphones capture is becoming increasingly important. Apple has just taken over a company called Spectral Edge to ensure that future iPhone photos look even better.

As Bloomberg reports, Spectral Edge is based in Cambridge, England, and is focused on developing technologies that improve automatically captured photos. It uses a combination of capturing an infrared version of each photo taken and machine learning for use in image enhancement. The end result is a razor-sharp photo with more accurate colors.

Apple is clearly impressed with what Spectral Edge did because it took over the company. Although there was no official announcement, Peter Ronald Denwood is now listed as a director in the company. He is better known as one of Apple's lawyers. It is also significant that all other board members have been fired and Apple has left control.

Apple is already active in Cambridge in research and product development, so it is likely that the technology and remaining parts of the Spectral Edge team will be merged there, or Apple could keep both locations active in the city.

Currently Google considers the crown for the best camera of a flagship phone thanks to Pixel 4 USD 799.00 at Google . Google does an excellent job of using software to improve the pictures they take with their phones. Apple is catching up here and Spectral Edge certainly seems to be a positive step in closing this gap. The iPhone 11 Pro has great cameras at Verizon for $ 999.99, but we have to wait for the iPhone 12 to appear in action, provided it is advanced enough to integrate quickly.

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