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Apple, listen to me: iPad XR

More than ever, Apple is pushing its customers out of the midst of pricing – if you're looking for a nicer iPad, you'll have to spend a lot of money . For customers like me, who appreciate the iPad Pro's excellent screen, enhanced speakers, keyboard support, and extended life, it now costs at least $ 1,000 to get one with more than 64GB of storage. Add the Smart Keyboard Folio for $ 1

79 and you're basically priced the same as the new MacBook Air. This means anyone who buys an iPad Pro has to find out if it's the same as a regular laptop can perform. Despite the indisputable performance of the iPad Pro, this remains an open question for many people.

The iPad is not the only product line in which Apple wants to increase its average selling prices. I've already written about how much it costs to get an iPhone today. The new Apple Watch is more expensive than ever, and every single product Apple introduced yesterday costs much more than what they replaced – even the accessories. Sure, they are all significantly better than the hardware of the previous year, but the purchase of one of these product lines costs far more than just a year ago. Previously, Apple introduced new or significantly improved products at a premium and lowered the price over time as older devices were removed from the market. However, it now seems that Apple is bringing out improved but more expensive products and keeping them at higher prices.

Too bad, because I enjoy using my 9.7-inch iPad Pro as a general purpose computer. I do not have to do much work quickly. It is great for focused writing, occasional internet surfing and e-mailing, watching movies while traveling, collecting stored items, and a whole host of other things. Of course, I could not bring it to an Apple event to create a live blog, quickly edit photos, and publish a hands-on article. This is my "pro work" and I still do not think that the iPad Pro is the ideal device for it.

It's important to know that Apple has the 10.5-inch iPad Pro from last year, but at the same price of $ 649. It has been sold since it was launched in July 2017. Although it is not as powerful as the devices Apple has just introduced, it is more than enough for almost everyone. Having more than 64GB of storage space is still an expensive proposition (the 256GB model costs $ 799). However, if you do not need large files on-site, 64 GB can be used, especially if you can rely on the cloud. It lacks a few subtleties, such as the new Apple Pencil and Face ID, but it's still a notable move toward speed and design.

But eventually the older iPad Pro gets pulled and the question of whether Apple will offer something nicer than the standard iPad for less than $ 800. I hope that Apple takes a side of its iPhone strategy and creates an "iPad Pro XR" – a tablet that offers some of the key features of the Pro series, but at a cheaper price. If Apple updates the iPad Pro 10.5-inch in a year with a newer processor and possibly a USB-C port, it would be a compelling upgrade for people like me who do not need the bleeding edge of the iPad line but I still want to an iPad Pro … ish.

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