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Apple may also be interested in buying TikTok, a report said


TikTok was at the center of the takeover speculation.

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According to a report, Apple may have expressed interest in a possible purchase of TikTok. This is the latest result of speculation about the takeover interest in the virally popular social media app.

Apple is one of several parties that have expressed interest in TikTok, according to an Axios report on Tuesday, and cite several unnamed sources. The report found that none of these sources are in Apple. The iPhone maker didn’t immediately respond to a message asking for a comment, but Bloomberg reporters later tweeted that the company hadn’t discussed the purchase of TikTok and wasn’t interested in a deal.

TikTok, known for its quirky, short videos, is owned by Beijing-based technology company ByteDance. The ties to China have fueled political pressure to consider selling TikTok to a US-based company, or there is a risk that US operations may be banned. President Donald Trump said he was considering an order to force ByteDance to part with TikTok, and later suggested that the United States should receive part of the transaction price. (It is unclear whether the government has the authority to request such a payment.)

Microsoft has spoken publicly about its “ongoing discussion” for a TikTok acquisition.

Later on Tuesday, Fox Business reported that both Google and Facebook had previously expressed interest in TikTok and that TikTok actually has multiple applicants. Google and Facebook didn’t respond to comments immediately.

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