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Apple Music Android code confirms the Apple One subscription bundle

It is rumored that Apple is working on a subscription service bundle called “Apple One,” which code in the Android version of Apple Music could launch in the near future 9to5Google.

Evidence of an “Apple One” package was found in the 3.4.0 beta version of Apple Music for Android, confirming that Apple Music will be a component of the service bundle. From the Android app code:

Your “Apple Music” subscription is included in Apple One from% s. You will not be charged for either subscription.

You can manage your Apple One subscription with your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac.

There is wording that states that customers who upgrade to Apple One will not pay a double fee for Apple Music and that Apple One subscription will work on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac can be managed.

The Android version of “Apple Music” did not contain any additional information about the Apple One service, but rather the original rumor from Bloomberg, suggested that the bundled service is expected to launch in October, probably along with the “iPhone”.

Apple is currently planning multiple Apple One bundle levels. A basic package is expected to offer Apple Music and Apple TV +, while a second tier will also include Apple Arcade. A third bundle level includes all of the above services together with Apple News +.

There will also be a high-end tier that includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple News +, and iCloud Storage, and there may also be a new fitness-centric service that offers virtual fitness classes.

There’s no word on bundle pricing yet, but the bundles are expected to offer savings over buying each subscription service separately. Bundle pricing allows customers to save anywhere from $ 2 to more than $ 5 per month, depending on the bundle.

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