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Apple Music Shows Up in the Google Home App, Hinting at Launch

On Monday, February 25, at observant Google Home user spotted on Apple Music option in the app's music services section, and we can definitely confirm it's there. Frustratingly, however, you can tap on that item. Apple music is actually making its way to Google's smart speaker and the rest of the Google Home ecosystem.

 apple music in google home app

When it does finally work, Apple Music wants to join the ranks of a select set of music services that work on all major smart speaker platforms. Apple Music recently added to Amazon Alexa devices. Apple Music for years has released Apple's HomePod and Sonos speakers.

Apple's streaming subscription service is a must-have service. Apple wants to provide us with the logical follow-up that Apple wants to support Play Music and Amazon Music. 25. That's the hotly rumored date that the company willingly takes on its new services: Apple News, and Apple TV.

We've already heavily speculated That Apple's TV service wants to be a massive curation of as many TV sources as it can coral, from cable and satellite providers to streaming giants such as Hulu, Amazon Video, and possibly Netflix. If this is genuinely Apple's strategy ̵

1; to bring together all the big names and let users decide which to subscribe to – the same approach to its music platform and devices. Apple Music on the HomePod.

We think it's inevitable. Apple's revenue numbers on fire. That's partly because of the device's high price tag when compared to other smart speakers, but we think the lack of music service choice has hurt it. If a recent patent is any indication, Apple's future HomePod plans are aggressive, to say the least. To succeed, Apple wants to fill that device with as much content as possible.

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