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Apple released the new subscription package Apple One

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For people who want to use ALL IN for Apple services, there is finally an easy way to do it.

During the fall product release on Tuesday, Apple announced the launch of a new service called Apple One. With this subscription, Apple users can pay a monthly fee for multiple Apple products at the same time.

This is a boon for people who really like Apple. Previously, if you wanted to subscribe to services like iCloud and Apple Music, you had to track and pay for multiple subscriptions at the same time. (If you’re someone who uses iCloud but maybe prefers Spotify, this isn’t so tempting.)

Apple offers several options that differ in price, service, and individual or family plans.

Are any of these plans right for you?

Are any of these plans right for you?

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The total services available are iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV +, Arcade, News +, and the newly announced Fitness +. Here are the plans:

  • Individually: $ 14.95 / month, including Apple Music, TV +, Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage

  • Family: $ 19.95 / month for up to six users, including multiple users for Apple Music, TV +, Arcade, and 200GB iCloud storage

  • Premier: $ 29.95 / month for up to six users, including Apple Music, TV +, Arcade, 2TB iCloud storage, News +, and Fitness +.

So, is Apple One good business? We found out by cracking the numbers that this is the case in every category. However, Apple has so many free promos and offers that it can be difficult to figure out if it’s right for you.

For example, a new Apple TV ships with a free year of Apple TV +, and purchasing a new Apple Watch (Series 3 or later) brings users the newly announced Fitness + for three months. If you’re not already paying for certain Apple services, a subscription to Apple One might not take advantage of all of Apple’s free offers.

You could also pay for things you don’t really want. For example, a subscription to TV +, iCloud storage, and Apple Music sounds pretty cute. But never in my life would I want or need arcade.

For users who want to try Apple One, Apple is offering a free 30-day trial of all services that customers do not currently subscribe to. For example, let’s say I sign up for the Apple One standalone plan and I’m already getting everything except Arcade. For my first month on Apple One, I would still pay all subscriptions separately, but would also have free access to Arcade. After these 30 days, my services switch to the single Apple One subscription.

If all of the services you pay for are not on the same billing plan, Apple One will be prorated for the days you paid for individual subscriptions that overlap.

Apple One is a long-awaited option for Apple devotees. It’s good business if you’re someone who has maxed out free trials and is already paying for a lot of Apple services. However, it has the same pitfalls as bundles in general: lack of customizability and the need to completely buy into the world of Apple.

UPDATE: September 15, 2020 at 4:29 p.m. EDT This article has been updated with information from Apple about its free trials.

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