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Apple retail workers are getting bespoke masks from iPhone design teams, according to a report


Apple’s stores have opened and closed as falls rise and fall across the country.


For the latest news and information on the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad design teams developed face masks that the company is reportedly using to bring its retail workers together to keep them safe while they work in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new masks, previously reported by Bloomberg and MacRumors, have a three-layer design to filter out particles. It can be washed and reused up to five times, and appears to have a more pronounced triangular shape at the top than other masks to supposedly sit better on people’s noses without fogging up glasses. It also has a rounded bottom for people’s chin and the ear strings are adjustable.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the masks or whether they would be sold to the public.

The specially designed masks by Apple are the company’s latest attempt to meet the challenges of keeping business alive amid one of the worst public health crises in a century. The coronavirus has so far made more than 27 million people sick and killed at least 904,000 people.

The tech giant was one of the first major companies to publicly warn that the coronavirus would affect shipments and operations worldwide. Already sound the alarm in February. It has since sent most of its employees to work from home and either continues to pay retail workers while stores are closed or You are supposed to help customers over the phone.

It’s also open again some of its 510 stores Conditions have improved in 25 countries. However, in some cases, these stores have had to close when infections picked up again.

Apple’s face masks aren’t the first COVID-19 products to be made. In April, Apple designed and shipped millions of Face protection for key workers and hospitals. According to reports, the company is now working to offer a different type of face protection to its retail workers.

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