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Apple September 2020 Event – Live: Latest updates to kick off to reveal new Watch, iPad, maybe iPhone 12 and more

Apple is about to launch its Time Flies event in September, which will feature a variety of new products.

The event begins at 10 a.m. Pacific time or 6 p.m. UK time. While Apple describes the event as “from Apple Park,” locking means it is only available online and the company will stream it on their website.

Unusually for a current Apple event, it is not exactly clear what the company wants to announce. While a new Apple Watch, new iPads, and possibly other accessories are all but confirmed, the usual star of Apple events in September – the new iPhone – may not be arriving at all.

Apple has already confirmed that the phone will be delayed by “a few weeks”

; when talking to investors. However, it remains to be seen whether Apple will unveil or even mention the new phone at this event or hold another one to show it off later.

Whatever happens, the September event is going to be unusual: it’s the first major product release since the lockdown, and only the second time Apple has hosted an event virtually after the WWDC software keynote in June.


If you’ve been on Twitter today, you may have noticed that the hashtag #AppleEvent is high on the trends. You may also have noticed that Twitter made this year’s event special by adding a heart animation for anyone who likes a tweet with the hashtag.

Just in case you want to give it a try 😉

Anthony CuthbertsonSeptember 15, 2020 4:37 PM


Patents are often a good source of pre-launch rumors, and Apple’s latest version is no exception.

A newly granted US patent for a “tactile edition for wearable devices” could transform communication for the blind.

It describes how Braille can be displayed through controllable protrusions on the wristband of the smartwatch. It is almost certainly too early in the development cycle to be announced today, but maybe for the future.

(Apple / USPTO)

Anthony CuthbertsonSeptember 15, 2020 4:16 PM


It’s not long after 7 a.m. in California, but Apple CEO Tim Cook has tweeted for a few hours. Early bird.

Anthony CuthbertsonSeptember 15, 2020 3:24 PM


As usual before a major product launch, Apple’s online store will only be out of service after the announcements. The hype is building.


Anthony CuthbertsonSeptember 15, 2020 3:10 PM


Quite a few people on Reddit and Twitter seem interested in Apple making its mask available to the public.

Maybe this is one of the surprising product announcements? The idea of ​​Apple making a high-tech mask is actually not that far-fetched. Last month, LG introduced a face mask with built-in fans and air purifiers.

Anthony CuthbertsonSeptember 15, 2020 1:45 PM


If you’ve ever wondered what an Apple-designed face mask might look like, employees have shared pictures of their in-house facial wear.

Shared by Reddit user Dualjpg, this design shows off a clean and simple design that you can expect from the tech giant.

(u / dualjpg)

Anthony CuthbertsonSeptember 15, 2020 1:28 PM


Late rumors about the iPhone 12

At this late point in time * there are still rumors about the iPhone 12: The reliable Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo reports that the new phones will not have the rumored fast refresh rate of 120 Hz. As a result, the screen looks smoother and is already present on a variety of other flagship phones. However, the new report says Apple abandoned it for battery life reasons and is likely to push it back until next year.

(Obviously we still don’t know How These rumors are late: this could be announced in a few hours. Or it couldn’t be announced for a couple of weeks!)

Andrew GriffinSeptember 15, 2020 12:18 PM


The UK Parliamentary Committee accuses Apple of “declining to answer questions about the environmental sustainability and repairability of its products”.

On the occasion of today’s launch of the new products, the British Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) accused Apple of not having answered questions about “its environmental performance and repairability of its devices”.

The company was asked to participate in an e-waste investigation but was belatedly canceled, the committee said. Its chairman, Philip Dunne, said he had written to Tim Cook to request an explanation but “has not yet received a substantive response”.

“Apple has made more than two billion iPhones – one phone for everyone across Africa and Europe. Today, as Apple unveils its next generation of gadgets, my committee continues to wait for responses on what the company is doing to improve its environmental footprint, “Dunne said in a statement.

“With the speed at which new devices are being introduced, technology companies are driving consumers to buy new products rather than extending the life of their existing items. It can also be very difficult to repair electronic equipment, as many companies make it almost impossible – or very expensive if possible – for consumers to be able to repair themselves. As a result, we are seeing a throwaway electronics society and technology companies must take responsibility for the environmental impact that this causes. A circular economy with repair and recycling at its heart is critical to tackling the climate emergency.

“Apple seems to have a positive story to tell about its climate change efforts. However, our unwillingness to answer my committee’s questions has led us to believe that its environmental commitments are not being taken seriously enough. “

Andrew GriffinSeptember 15, 2020 10:43 am


Andrew GriffinSeptember 15, 2020 10:12 am


Is the iPhone 12 coming today? The short answer is, no one outside of Apple can know for sure. But our best guess is no.

Andrew GriffinSeptember 15, 2020 10:11 am

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