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Apple Shares 2020 – Supplier Responsibility Report with detailed COVID-19 precautions

Apple today released its 2020 supplier responsibility progress report [PDF]and as from TechCrunchIt contains a letter detailing Apple’s plans to increase security and protection in the global supply chain after the corona virus outbreak.

The letter, written by Sabih Khan, Apple’s senior vice president of operations, provides details of changes Apple has made to protect its supply chain partners, including: B. strict adherence to social distance, limitation of density and health examinations.

No country has left this pandemic untouched, and we would like to thank all of our suppliers around the world for their commitment, flexibility and care for their teams as we address the complex and rapidly evolving impact of COVID-19. Right from the start, we worked with our suppliers to develop and implement a plan that put people’s health first. Thousands of Apple employees have worked tirelessly to implement this plan in collaboration with our suppliers around the world.

Some of the actions Apple has taken include:

  • Personal protective equipment during work and in public areas is required.
  • Masks and disinfectants were made available to employees.
  • Improved deep cleaning protocols and implemented.
  • Suppliers have redesigned and configured the factory floor plans where necessary for social distancing.
  • Flexible working hours and staggered working shifts have been implemented to maximize interpersonal space.

Apple also shares plans with other organizations in hopes of establishing similar standards across the industry.

The Supplier Responsibility Report for 2020 was based on interviews with 52,000 employees with Apple suppliers in 49 countries, compared to 30 in 2018. A total of 1142 audits were conducted in 2019. Some additional highlights from the report:

  • Recruitment fees of $ 1.3 million were paid back to employees in 2019.
  • The number of supplier locations that work to achieve zero waste increased by 53% compared to the previous year.
  • So far, suppliers have saved 30.5 billion gallons of fresh water.
  • Apple was 100 percent involved in third-party audits for tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold, and cobalt smelters and refiners.
  • The number of high-performance suppliers rose by 13% compared to the previous year.
  • Less than one percent of Apple suppliers were considered underperforming.
  • Over 154,700 suppliers took advantage of SEED learning opportunities in 2019.
  • 41 people took part in Apple’s intensive app development course with a completion rate of 100 percent.

For full Apple supply chain information, see the full Supplier Responsibility Report. [PDF]

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