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Apple significantly improved AppleCare Plus with much more coverage and lower replacement fees

Apple’s AppleCare Plus warranty program has just expanded its coverage significantly with an additional annual repair for accidental damage. The changes that were first spotted by yesterday MacRumors After Apple’s hardware revelation “Time Flies”, AppleCare Plus owners are now insured for two cases of accidental damage every 12 months. That is a total of four corrections over the standard coverage of two years.

The previous window for these two incidents was 24 months (or 36 months for certain products like Macs). This apparently applies not only to the iPhone, but to all other AppleCare Plus-enabled products, including AirPods, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats headphones, HomePod, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and Pro Display XDR.

You can see the changes on the new AppleCare Plus website here and the older version of the website as it existed a few days ago here. In some cases, AppleCare Plus coverage for products such as Macs and the Pro Display XDR was simply listed as “two incidents of accidental damage coverage”

;. There is no other window of time other than the general three-year extension that the warranty offers these more expensive products for, as the website makes clear that it is every 12 months for the duration of the coverage.

Here are screenshots of the iPhone-specific AppleCare Plus description:

And here is what it said earlier:

Apple added a few other perks to the plan. For iPhone owners, who are by far the most likely to buy AppleCare Plus, theft and loss add-on warranty coverage now offers a flat, flat fee of $ 149 across all models of the smartphone. The older plan used to charge more – up to $ 269 – for replacing a lost or stolen device if that phone happened to be a newer Pro or Max model.

According to some, these changes appear to be applied retrospectively to current AppleCare Plus owners MacRumors Commentators who contacted Apple Customer Service yesterday. And that makes sense because Apple isn’t adding a new coverage plan like it did when they jumped from AppleCare to AppleCare Plus. Rather, the existing is expanded to be more advantageous.

AppleCare Plus is only available with the purchase of a new Apple device or within 60 days of purchasing a device, and costs vary depending on the device type. (Although Apple extended the post-purchase period last month, under certain circumstances you can register a new device from 60 days to a year. However, the AppleCare + website still shows 60 days.)

For example, a new iPhone 11 Pro can get AppleCare Plus coverage for 24 months for a one-time fee of $ 200 or $ 10 per month. It’s more expensive for Macs. However, Apple will only let you purchase it upon purchase or – if the company can verify that your device is eligible – through their website, on the device itself, in-store, or over the phone (requires remote diagnosis to be online and over the phone methods).

Update September 16, 11:01 a.m. ET: Clarified that Apple has extended the eligibility window for AppleCare + purchases from 60 days to one year in certain circumstances.

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