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Apple signs multi-year contract with director Alfonso Cuarón

Film director Alfonso Cuarón has signed a multi-year contract to develop television projects for the Apple TV + Streaming Service, Variety .

Cuarón is primarily known for his work on films and has not done much television. His partnership with Apple marks his first big push on television. Previously, he was co-designer of the NBC drama "Believe" from 2014 and director of the Mexican anthology series "La Hora Marcada". Apart from that, he has focused on movies.

Image via The Telegraph

Cuarón staged award-winning films, including "Y Tu Mamá También", "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", "Children of Men", "Gravity" and "Roma".

According to Variety Cuarón will retain an existing contract with anonymous content and, in addition to his work for Apple, also collaborate with other collaborations.

Apple has signed similar contracts with Oprah Winfrey, Justin Lin and Jason Katims for several shows.

All TV programs created by Cuarón in collaboration with Apple will be added to "Apple TV" +, Apple's new streaming service, due to start on November 1


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