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Apple Unveils 5G iPhones, Reveals PS5 UI – Video

This is CNET and hear the stories that matter this week. Apple hosted its big event on Tuesday that featured a brand new line of iPhones, all of which have five G. The iPhone 12 comes with a 6.1-inch display, a flat-edged design, and a new ceramic protective glass that Apple says is four times better at lowering performance. Apple also released the smaller 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Mini with all the features of the larger iPhone 5 Mini, but in a smaller form factor. Both phones have built-in Magsafe magnets for attaching accessories such as cases and chargers. The iPhone mini starts at $ 700 and the iPhone 1

2 starts at $ 800. Both will be available from November 13th. In black, white product red, green and blue. YouTube has expanded its policy to ban videos that contain misinformation about COVID-19. YouTube previously banned content on treatments and prevention that contradicted the consensus of experts at who and other local health authorities. According to YouTube, the ban will now also include content that contains false or misleading information about a vaccine. The company also said it had removed more than 200,000 videos containing misleading information since February. Finally, Sony released a video showing the user experience of the PlayStation 5. The PS5 has a new control center, the information of which is arranged in maps. Activity cards can give players information about how far they are on a game objective and how long it can take to complete a level. Sony also showed off the PS5 homescreen, which now has a built-in store, so it’s no longer a separate app. The new console from Sony will be available on November 12th. You can stay up to date by visiting CNET.

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