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Apple wants to get growth going again with line updates – Science & Tech

Apple is slated to unveil its smartwatch, iPad, and subscription services on Tuesday to re-fuel growth with a must-have vacation offering.

According to analysts interviewed by AFP, an eagerly anticipated iPhone 5G, believed to be critical to the company’s assets, is likely to show up in a separate event later in the year due to production disruptions due to the pandemic.

Soaring Apple shares are down more than seven percent this week.

The Silicon Valley-based iPhone maker was valued at $ 1.92 trillion on Friday based on its share price, after a record high of $ 2.3 trillion earlier this month.

But Apple remains the most expensive company on Wall Street. Amazon ranks second with a market value of $ 1

.56 trillion and Microsoft ranks third with a market value of $ 1.54 trillion.

The Apple event was spiced up with a cryptic invitation that said “Time Flies”. The company has remained a mother of what it has in store.

It is expected that products or services other than iPhones will be featured and will be launched at the end of the year.

According to analysts, this opens up the potential for updates to Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook computers, services, and even Apple TV set-top boxes.

A new iPad model could include enhanced augmented reality capabilities, and Apple services such as music, news and television could be offered in a subscription package at attractive prices, according to analysts.

The latest software for the Apple Watch already suggests that sleep tracking is imminent, and the company can improve features for fitness or health purposes.

“There is competition in the smartwatch space, but Apple is by far the sales leader and Apple can expand its lead,” said Avi Greengart, senior analyst at Techsponential.

“Apple has admitted that they are at least working on monitoring blood glucose with the watch. It would be enormous if they could do that.”

The Apple Watch also serves as an anchor for the tech giant’s mobile software as it syncs with the iPhone.

“The most important thing for Apple is to get the base of the iPhone users and sell them a lot of accessories like AirPods and get services,” said Patrick Moorhead analyst of Moor Insights and Strategy.

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Estimated China market

The time has come for Apple to launch an iPhone that is tailored for super-fast 5G telecommunications networks that are gaining a foothold around the world.

Greengart expects, among other things, that Apple may host a separate event for new iPhone models in October, including one for 5G telecommunications networks.

5G networks are touted as showing promise for an exponential leap in the amount and speed of wireless data, enabling advances in self-driving vehicles, virtual reality, connected health, and more as sensors and servers communicate instantly.

“Apple desperately needs 5G right now,” said Greengart.

“Not for the US, but for China, where 5G is driving purchasing decisions.”

Apple competitors have already launched 5G models, and China is way ahead of the US on new generation networks.

“5G is happening in China with or without Apple. In fact, more 5G phones are selling in China than non-5G phones,” said analyst Moorhead.

“US carriers are waiting for Apple to announce a 5G iPhone to get the pedal going in the US.”

US telecommunications companies view a 5G iPhone as a catalyst for consumer interest, which analysts say will warrant the large investments required for these networks.

New generation 5G networks have also taken shape in South Korea and parts of Europe.

Apple also needs a 5G-tuned iPhone to maintain its premium brand image, analysts added.

“With all the supply chain rumors that the iPhone is running late, they’ll want to announce it closer to the launch date,” said Bob O’Donnell, chief analyst at Technalysis Research.

William Power, senior research analyst at Baird, said in a report to investors that Apple’s “ecosystem” looks strong because of its wearables, services, and the potential 5G iPhone.

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