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Apple Watch SE: If you’ve been looking at buying a smartwatch, now may be the right time to do it


A cheaper Apple Watch is available here.

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Since Apple launched its first smartwatch in 2015, the Apple Watch has been a highly valued wearable for many different populations – even if the price tag made it unaffordable for some. That all changed on Tuesday when the company announced Watch SE, a cheaper watch for those whose budget hadn’t reached to owning an Apple smartwatch.

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With the Watch SE starting at $ 279 (GBP 269, AU $ 429), Apple wants to appeal to a new audience of smartwatch wearers – including children. The new Apple Watch Family Setup function This will allow multiple watches to be connected to an iPhone, and Apple clearly hopes that parents can be convinced to invest in a smartwatch for their beloved offspring.

While the Watch SE is very similar in appearance to the current Series 3 watch, it contains a more powerful processor than Apple’s older watch. The Series 3 dates back to 2017, so customers can rest assured that Apple is doing more than just reinstalling an old product. The company desperately needed the gadget to make it relevant in 2020 and beyond.

Look at that:

Apple introduces cheaper Apple Watch SE


As you’d expect from a cheaper model, the SE doesn’t have all of the advanced features of Apple’s high-end watches, such as: B. the FDA-cleared EKG app but has a number of fitness tracking features and the fall detection feature introduced in the Series 4 includes the same accelerometer, gyroscope, and always-on altimeter as the new Apple Watch Series 6. The company also promises larger, more readable readings for its “most advanced” watch display, actually 30% larger than the Series 3 screen.

Apple’s September event is usually an opportunity for the company to showcase its latest iPhones. However, with no phones showing up on Tuesday, clocks could take center stage. Were I expect Apple to introduce the iPhone 12 in just a few weeks, but by then the company has offered some things to be excited about.

Among the announcements Apple made at Tuesday’s event, the Apple Watch SE unveiling stands out for the fact that it potentially brings a popular (and coveted) product to a new audience. Although seasoned smartwatch owners or those who need deeper insights into their health data are still drawn to the more expensive, top-of-the-range Apple Watch, the SE can serve the majority of people looking for an attractive and capable smartwatch.

Watch SE could also benefit Apple by maintaining its position as the leader in global wearables sales. A cheaper smartwatch could allow the company to attract buyers who would otherwise have opted for a budget fitness tracker from rivals like Fitbit.

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